On the Rocks

Went to explore the Brooklyn waterfront the other day. The bike and pedestrian paths are open, and the piers are still being worked on. It's going to be beautiful!


Brooklyn Heights

I took a short walk through Brooklyn Heights last night, exploring the nooks and crannies and quiet streets that lie therein.

I've rented some lenses to play with this weekend, so stay tuned til next week when I post more photos of my Brooklyn adventures!

Happy Fourth of July!


SoHo: Looking Up, Looking Down

I took a quick stroll through SoHo en route to meet friends last night. I was struck (jealous!) by the rooftop garden in the first photo and when I turned around to continue walking, spotted the second photo in a puddle.


Manhattan Bridge

While the Brooklyn Bridge is more famous, I have a particular love for the Manhattan Bridge. The view walking across it is extraordinary, and since it's not as well known as it's counterpart, there is always less foot traffic. These were taken when I rented a Hasselblad for the first time a few weeks ago.